Easy access to comprehensive NFL data sets within seconds

Enhance your storytelling with fast access into incredibly rich data sets. Radar360 greatly reduces the research time needed to produce compelling game insights with an interface that’s easy to use and remarkably fast.

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Deliver unique insight

Access an extensive database of NFL statistics that includes:

– Official Data from the NFL Game Statistics and Information System (GSIS)
– NFL Next Generation Stats (Derived from player and ball tracking)
– RadarPlus (Advanced Stats Charted by Experts postgame)
– Historical Data

Designed for speed

Providing compelling information as the game unfolds is critical for today’s broadcasters and social content teams. Radar360’s combination of an intuitive interface with lightning-fast response times leads to the discovery of new storylines in a matter of seconds. 

Customized reporting

Save your favorite searches as a report that can be revisited at any point with the most up-to-date data, or utilize one of the many pre-created reports that comes standard with Radar360.

Slice and dice data

Utilize a countless number of filters and segments to gain a deeper understanding of the game. Whether it’s providing a wide receiver’s yards by route or a quarterback’s rating by quarter, Radar360 has you covered.

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