Combining video and data to create the next level of global sports entertainment

Supercharge your OTT solution with the power of data.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a sports OTT provider, our team of passionate and dedicated specialists understand the flexibility live sport requires and offer bespoke, data-driven OTT solutions for rights holders.

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Data-driven approach

Sport is driven by the relationship it creates with fans. We simplify that relationship-building process by combining top-quality video with innovative data products, ensuring a unique OTT experience for fans and platform owners.


15+ years experience

Sportradar OTT provides a scalable infrastructure based on an extensive and longstanding experience in the industry. Every year, we stream over 200,000 live sports events globally, delivering more than 150,000,000 video sessions a month to upwards of 100 partners all over the world.


Fully customizable

Sportradar’s futureproof OTT solution is enabled by constant product development, effortless integration of various product extensions, an industry-leading time to market and a variety of commercial business models.


Dedicated to sport

Sport is part of the fabric of our organisation. Our UX-focused approach offers customised designs as well as a range of templates and provides easy integration alongside production, data, integrity and editorial services.

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