Embedding betting into OTT broadcast

Boost viewers and monetisation with live betting content information

With the sports industry in a state of flux, new and alternative ways of attracting and keeping viewers are essential. With Sportradar’s emBET, this couldn’t be easier – whether you’re a sports rights holder or a broadcaster.

Developed with our 15+ years of experience as a sports OTT provider, and our proven ability to combine live sports data and video, emBET ensures you can overlay engaging, real-time betting information onto your OTT broadcast with minimal effort, to ultimately untap new revenue streams.

Highly flexible, emBET is delivered as a standalone product in two components:

An SDK that is integrated into your platform’s front end, which then displays all the graphical overlays directly onto your video player.
A backend (administrative) platform that plugs into existing Sportradar feeds (see links below) – where all overlays are configured. Our partner, LiveLike, then synchronizes the video and data feeds, which are then converted into graphical overlays.

And if you’re looking for a complete solution, emBET can also be delivered as an end-to-end solution, which utilizes our full video solution and/or content offerings.

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Product highlights

Flexible solution for all industry-standard video players
Betting information based on our market-leading sports data
Supported by our extensive range of products and services

Bringing together the best from five product categories


Live Odds

Live Data

Insights API


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