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Sportradar is the leading provider of sports data and information globally. From start-ups to enterprise leaders, Sportradar is more than a content provider. We are a strategic business partner with a mission to leverage our data in new ways that engage sports fans. Test drive our APIs today by registering for a free trial. 

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Over 83 Sports, data rights to over 500 sports leagues and 750,000+ annual events


Built for efficiency, speed and scale and featuring .XML and .JSON formats

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Easy to implement API feeds, modern infrastructure

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Sports data you can trust

Sportradar is the trusted partner to more than 65 leagues and federations across the globe. Our data and statistics partnerships ensure the highest quality data at the fastest speeds.

One stop solution

Not only does Sportradar cover a large breadth of sports on an international level, we also pride ourselves on the depth of our data. Whether you need traditional stats to power a box score or player tracking stats with XY coordinates, Sportradar has the right solution for you. 

Which data package is right for you?

We realize that every customer has unique needs and have designed four sports data packages with specific customer requirements in mind. Because discounts can be provided for partners who license data for multiple sports, please contact Sportradar today so we can create a custom price estimate for you.


App requirements

Real-time updates for all sports data across Web, Tablet and Mobile Applications

API request rate

Game feeds pulled continuously

All other feeds pulled several times each day

Max API requests*

Core Sports:
MLB: 2,000,000
NBA: 2,000,000
NHL: 2,000,000

Cricket: 450,000
Esports CS:GO: 575,000
Esports DOTA2: 500,000
Golf: 560,000
NASCAR Official: 100,000
NASCAR: 21,000
NCAA FB: 900,000
NCAA MB: 4,000,000
Nippon Baseball: 500,000
Olympics: 2,000,000
Rugby: 1,000,000
Soccer Europe: 1,050,000
Soccer Americas: 1,200,000
Soccer International: 1,050,000
Soccer Asia: 750,000
Soccer Other: 1,050,000
Tennis: 3,000,000
WNBA: 455,000


App requirements

Play-by-play and game stat updates in near real-time

API request rate

Game feeds pulled every 3 minutes

Schedule, standings, and rosters pulled every day 

Max API requests*

Core Sports:
MLB: 225,000
NBA: 110,000
NHL: 235,000

Esports CS:GO: 40,000
Esports DOTA2: 19,000
Golf: 64,000
NASCAR: 2,500
NCAA FB: 100,000
NCAA MB: 350,000
Nippon Baseball: 55,000
Rugby: 125,000
Soccer Europe: 140,000
Soccer Americas: 160,000
Soccer International: 140,000
Soccer Asia: 100,000
Soccer Other: 140,000
Tennis: 300,000
WNBA: 55,000
NCAA WB: 205,000
NCAA MH: 53,000


App requirements

Updates at key game intervals (e.g. every MLB game inning)

API request rate

Game feeds pulled every 15 minutes

Schedule, standings, and rosters pulled several times each week 

Max API requests*

Core Sports:
MLB: 45,000
NBA: 25,000
NHL: 45,000

Golf: 16,000
NASCAR: 1,000

NCAA MB: 75,000
NCAA MH: 30,000
NCAA WB: 62,000
Nippon Baseball: 11,000
Rugby: 25,000
Soccer Americas: 27,000
Soccer Asia: 15,000
Soccer Europe: 28,000
Soccer International: 28,000
Soccer Other: 28,000
Tennis: 50,000
WNBA: 10,000



App requirements

Daily updates

API request rate

Game feeds pulled once per game

Schedule, standings, and rosters pulled several times each week 

Max API requests*

Core Sports:
MLB: 3,000
NBA: 3,500
NHL: 4,500

Esports CS:GO: 600
Esports DOTA2: 1,000
Esports LOL: 1,200

MMA: 750
NCAA FB: 1,850
NCAA MB: 7,500
NCAA MH: 3,000
NCAA WB: 4,500
Nippon Baseball: 1,000
Rugby: 2,500
Soccer Americas: 4,000
Soccer Asia: 2,500
Soccer Europe: 3,500
Soccer International: 3,500
Soccer Other: 3,500
Tennis: 10,000
WNBA: 1,750

Fees are only charged during active months of each sports, and are prorated for the optional preseason or postseason coverage months.

* All feed request limits are based on a rolling 30 days, wherein calls from the 31st day will fall off of the total number of calls requested.

Historical data

Sportradar offers a variety of historical stats for NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, and NCAA Men’s Basketball. For more information on coverage and pricing, please contact us today.

Odds information

Sportradar’s odds feed includes rotation number, concensus line, over/under, money line and spreads. Contact us today for more information.

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