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HEROFi combines visual media and data visualization to create the most advanced retail entertainment networks in the world. As an early partner of Sportradar - they quickly saw the value in the exhaustive, real-time nature of Sportradar's data, and created 25+ products using Sportradar's feeds. Most importantly, they then managed the distribution of these products, localized, to 1,250 individual retail locations at Buffalo Wild Wings. No two stores have the same programming – the sports data is localized by geography.

"We've been hampered by both the lack of quality in the sports data world, and the inability of other partners to understand the new business models of tomorrow," said Vladimir Edelman, CEO of HEROFi. "Sportradar is exceptionally flexible, excited, and ready to work to help a company use its data in a way that truly helps the client’s business. This is quite rare."
Vladamir Edelman

HEROFi and Sportradar have continued to work together to innovate within the Buffalo Wild Wings environment - taking the products international, creating real time fantasy sports trackers, and working with data in unique and consumer-engaging ways. View their case study to learn how they drove in-store frequency.

The partnership has also recently expanded to encompass modular “shelf” products aimed at different audiences, with the basic one being Sports Pack. HEROFi has already signed and is about to launch the product in Cedar Fair Entertainment's 11 amusement parks (starting with Knott's Berry Farm) - as well as three other clients that are confidential at this stage.

HEROFi's unique, next generation technology stack, coupled with Sportradar’s data and business model, is a perfect match for the evolution of retail and digital entertainment.

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