Fast Scoring Golf API Drives DraftKings' Golf Experience

When Draftkings unveiled its new fantasy golf competitions, it was clear that an ultra-fast score feed would be needed to power its results.

While most fantasy golf competitions rely strictly on finishing position to score its games, DraftKings devised a unique scoring system that emphasizes individual holes and points for birdie streaks and other bonuses. As a result, fast real-time score updates are essential to DraftKings’ user experience.

“Our customers are at the core of everything we do and their feedback was clear – we needed faster and more reliable data for our golf product. Sportradar’s Golf API platform delivers a lightning fast score feed that has tangibly improved the customer experience with our Golf product.”
Mark Nerenberg
VP of Game Operations and Development

The impact of utilizing Sportradar's Golf API has not gone unnoticed amongst DraftKings players.

Along with covering the PGA Tour, Sportradar provides data for the Ryder Cup, President's Cup, Olympics and European Tour. Our full suite of feeds cover data points such as tournament field, tee times, par and yardage information, and hole statistics to go along with our real-time tournament leaderboard and hole-by-hole scoring.

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