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With various factors, across both established and emerging markets, making it increasingly difficult to engage betting audiences, successful bookmakers need to be as focused and efficient as possible when investing to acquire and retain new customers.

As the world’s leading betting services provider, we’ve built a major, global business founded on fast, reliable and insightful data. This has now enabled us to develop a data-driven and betting specific programmatic platform, including video, as well as a sponsorship offering. All of which have been designed to deliver significant efficiency against marketing investments.

The Sportradar ad:s Marketing Cloud

A purpose-built platform designed to meet the most critical digital marketing needs of sportsbooks.

Our ad:s Marketing Cloud has four core purposes:


Learn about your target audience, where to find them and how best to reach them


Access to a range of proprietary marketing technologies purpose­built for the betting industry


Unique sector-relevant features for effective campaign management and control


Real-time performance dashboards that allow you to measure and respond to the right KPls

There are five key reasons why the ad:s marketing platform delivers unrivalled efficiency

A sector-specific Data Management Platform

  • • First, second and third party data sources
  • • Unique market view derived from our Managed Trading Services (MTS) platform data
  • • Audience profiled by quantified sports interest and betting intent measures
  • • AI based predictive life-time value model in progress
  • • Build precisely defined Precisely defined segments for very efficient targeting
  • • Fully GDPR/CPP compliant
  • • Proprietary DSP, custom-built for the sports-betting funnel
  • • Algorithms solely dedicated to optimizing against sports-bettor behaviour
  • • Targeting by interest, intent, location, venue, device, browser
  • • Optimized investment focus and pace using the unique calendar API feature
  • • Pre-defined Pixel Container
  • • BI Reporting Capabilities
  • • Full cost transparency
  • • Proprietary Dynamic Creative Personalization technology, custom-built for the sports-betting funnel
  • • Ensuring the right message in the right place at the right time
  • • Fuelled by unique Sportradar data view, contextual capability and insight engine
  • • Personalized to individual according to intent, activity, context, insight or interest
  • • Dynamically rendered in real-time
  • • Deploy programmatically through traditional display inventory or as native betting content on key publisher platforms
  • • Multi-channel engagement with prospective bettors through relevant and quality inventory
  • • Scaled open-market programmatic supply via purpose-built SSP network
  • • Direct access to key publishers via partnerships and PMPs
  • • Additional audience distribution via partner content and affiliate platforms
  • • Future-proof user-data collection techniques, fit for a post-Third Party Cookie (TPC) world
  • • Future-proofed performance platform for a post-TPC world
  • • Full-set reporting dashboards – showing funnel impact at all levels:
    • • Top-line C-suite dashboards
    • • Reporting on campaign levels
    • • BI capabilities to optimize on all data points
  • • Multi-touch attribution models that weight conversion credit accurately; better channel investment decisions and clearer pay-outs

Programmatic Video Advertising

Increased brand visibility with targeted video campaigns

 The new bespoke ad:s programmatic video offering boosts your digital media investments by increasing brand awareness and engagement.

Benefitting from our unique ad:s technology, our programmatic video platform delivers unrivalled data-driven targeting and execution for all your video advertising assets, with greater transparency and clear results at every stage of the funnel.

Highly targeted video messages, delivered across multiple channels, including other video content, media and mobile games, will engage your chosen audience as they enjoy their second screen experience.

Tailored strategies to achieve your goals

Achieve your campaign objectives with three tailored programmatic video strategies:
  • • Premium: Delivered on premium content across selected websites or applications.
  • • Reach: Optimized to reach as many relevant users as possible.
  • • Performance: Optimized towards a high video completion rate.

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