Widgets and Cards

Leverage live sports to increase revenue and drive engagement.

Essential real-time information that’s easy to embed. Access over 80 widgets for three sports: football, basketball and soccer.

Key benefits

Increase the quality of your content by adding live widgets powered by Sportradar data. Our widgets easily integrate into your digital platform to provide a cost-effective solution that allows for customization and ad integration.

Widget categories

We offer over 80 widgets in three sports: football, basketball and soccer. Widgets can be purchased individually or in attractive bundles that include:

Game Center Information – Scoreboards, Standings, Schedules, Game Summaries, and more

NFL Next Gen Stats – Compelling insight from player tracking that includes top speed and distance traveled

Inside the Game – Box Scores, Shot Charts, Standings, Leaders and more

Probabilities – Win Probability, Odds and more

Visit the Sportradar Store to view and demo all widgets.

Sportradar Cards are different than Widgets as they present data as a snapshot in time, the moment the card is triggered. Great for automating social posts on Twitter or Facebook and for bringing traffic back to your website.

Events that trigger cards

Cards are triggered automatically by events — before, during or after a game. For each event listed, one card is triggered.

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