Game Stream

Experience game-changing plays like never before.

Game Stream provides bite-sized, interactive visualizations that leverage the NFL’s Next Gen player tracking data and are delivered in real-time.


Drive fan engagement

Game Stream sheds new light on the NFL’s biggest plays as they happen in an immersive and interactive experience.

The fully-hosted and customizable web application provides multiple camera angles for viewing all 22 players on the field. Individual plays can be embedded in articles for postgame analysis.

Increase ad revenue

Game Stream offers integrated and customizable sponsorship and advertising opportunities and it’s highly sharable nature assists in driving increased traffic and revenue.

Modern storytelling

Statistics derived from player tracking technology brings fans closer to the game with highly relevant insight. Featuring advanced statistics like player speed and QB time to throw, Game Stream intuitively delivers NFL stories for today’s generation.

Multiple camera angles

Fans can interact with NFL plays with user controlled scrubbing and by selecting one of the three camera angles as shown below. 

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