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Marketing services, designed for betting operators and driven by data

A successful sportsbook operation requires efficient customer acquisition and that’s where Sportradar ad:s comes into play with a one-of-a-kind marketing solution for sports betting operators. 

As the world’s leading betting services provider, we’ve created a business founded on fast, reliable and measurable data. This expertise is now applied to bookmaker marketing and sponsorship efforts, eliminating waste and streamlining your business with targeted spend on verifiable prospects that will produce concrete results. Pair this with our broad media network, deep relationships and vast infrastructure to grow your business. 

Grow your customer base with digital advertising?

Take your digital advertising game to the next level with our connection to relevant global sports publishers − and access a  betting-relevant audience to advertise your sportsbook offers to. 

Find the perfect sponsorship opportunities

Differentiation is key for bookmakers and an increasingly important way to engage with your target audience is through customized sponsorship opportunities. Our extended rights holder network across numerous sports allows us to identify and create the right sponsorship fit for your brand and marketing strategy. Through custom rights packages we help you engage with sport fans around the world to build brand awareness, interest, engagement and revenue growth.

Benefit from programmatic advertising

Launched in 2019, our programmatic advertising option enables the purchase of specific digital advertising space in real time. In addition, programmatic advertising gathers and analyzes data, creating a feedback loop that fuels the campaign optimization algorithm. Advertisers can draw insights and adjust ads accordingly whilst a campaign is running; improving its effectiveness.

Get more out of search engine marketing

Improve your search engine rank and increase your return on ad spend with help from our team of experts. Capitalize on paid search which delivers some of the most promising acquisition results for bookmakers.

Does your online platform or app need improvement?

As a service provider for more than 600 bookmakers we are industry experts and can consult with you on any design and / or user experience topics across a multitude of platforms or mobile applications. Furthermore, we can help you increase your revenues by managing and optimizing your customer touchpoints in the best way throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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