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Sportradar is the market-leading provider of sports betting services and there is no better time for companies in the US to start their own sportsbook operation. Via our industry-leading brand Betradar, we deliver first-class services to more than 600 bookmakers, representing more than 50% of the global market.

Regardless of your business requirements and conditions, we offer you customized services and products to kick-start, manage, or enhance your own sportsbook operation. 

Customized Sportsbook Creation – with Sportradar MTS

Let's turn your vision into reality

Whether you want to create a sophisticated sportsbook from scratch, or expand and grow an existing one, Sportradar’s Managed Trading Services (MTS) is the perfect partner.

Our industry-unique MTS provides you with a 360° service that comprehensively covers all business areas in the most flexible and bespoke manner. Centre your entire business around MTS and enjoy an unprecedented trading and risk management service at your disposal. Assemble your sportsbook components the way you want – whether it’s Sportradar’s unrivalled in-house products or any third party – thus, differentiating you from the market with your own unique sportsbook.

A fully fledged gaming and sports betting platform, covering all channels – or any subcomponent integrated with your internal or third-party solution.

Optimized and bespoke sportsbook trading managed by MTS – with the flexibility to fully or partially assume responsibility.

A dedicated live streaming solution providing over 40,000 live events during peak and off-peak hours, 365 days a year – making it the industry’s largest portfolio.

Full support for your marketing and sponsorship activities, significantly boosting your marketing investment returns.

Industry-leading sports portfolio covering 400,000+ matches per year – with capabilities to complement it with your own bespoke content.

High-performing risk and customer management tailored to your operational needs, utilizing AI and machine-learning algorithms.

Engaging sports content presenting historical and live data via flexible API or ready-made all-in-one solutions tailored to your needs.

Utmost security for your entire business with our market-unique Fraud Detection Service and optimized sales models.

Pre-Game Odds

Enhance your sportsbook with pre-game prices

With over 400,000 events per year, our Pre-Match Odds Service is the most extensive in the world, providing you with fixtures, odds and results, fully manageable through our cutting-edge bookmaker platform Ctrl.

Schedules ‒ We deliver constantly verified and updated schedules, starting times and background information on all major sports for creating your own betting offers.

Odds Suggestions – Spreads, Money Lines and Totals and a large number of additional bet types that are annually compiled and continually updated.

Trading Tools ‒ Monitor odds and start times for nearly all bookmakers around the globe. 

Resulting ‒ Accurate and verified results delivered quickly to settle bets for all offered matches and bet types.

Available for: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer and 60+ other sports

Live Odds

Increase Revenue with In-play Offerings

Our Live Odds Service is the most popular in-play trading service in the market, used by over 350 bookmakers worldwide and featuring more than 200,000 events across 23 sports.

Sportradar’s team of experts administer the game in real-time with live odds populated via our cutting-edge mathematical models. This fully automated service is ready for direct customer use with minimal resource requirements.

Available for: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer and 50+ other sports

Gaming Solutions

The Most Realistic Virtual Products in the Industry

Virtual Sports provide 24/7/365 non-stop betting opportunities. Being the preferred product of over 180 bookmakers worldwide, our Virtual Sports focus on realism with the number of events, leagues/tournaments, graphical display, betting markets, and the gameplay, all based on the analysis of thousands of real games.

With new betting cycles every few minutes, we deliver a fast-paced betting experience. 

Available for: Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Horse Racing and Dog Racing with Baseball being launched in 2019.

Live Sports Streams

Increase engagement with live game video

Our Live Channel provides you with dedicated live streaming solutions for online and retail bookmakers to fulfill your customer’s demand for information, betting stimulation and game visualization. An extensive and diversified media rights portfolio of live sports events opens up new turnover potential and offers the user an immediate incentive to follow the live match action.

Betting Entertainment

Visualizing data

Our content solutions present historical and live data in an appealing and intuitive design; ensuring users stay longer on your site and generate more clicks and revenue. All products are available either as a hosted solution or via API.

In addition, Sportradar is committed to a clean, fair and legal sport and is globally recognized as the world’s leading supplier of monitoring, intelligence, education and consultancy solutions to leading sports federations, leagues, clubs and state authorities. Sportradar supports our partners in the fight against betting-related match-fixing and corruption via our Integrity Services offering.

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