Five innovative ways to cover the NBA

The NBA season is scheduled to return on July 30th. With the pent-up demand and increased interest across the sports landscape recently, we can expect record engagement numbers for the NBA. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity by

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New Version of Global American Football API

We are upgrading our Global American Football API to include divisional data and additional attributes for NCAA Football. We are also incorporating a new API framework that consolidates data into fewer endpoints. This makes it easier for you to integrate

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Push added for multiple APIs

We have added new push channels to our Darts v1, Global Basketball v2, Handball v2 and Snooker v2 APIs to give you more data delivery options. Data is pushed as soon as it’s available which allows for fewer API calls to get the statistics you need.

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Access the latest version of our NHL API

Our latest NHL API release includes new data points and features that enhance the functionality of our NHL data feeds. New Features Season FeedsContains each season id, type, year, start date, end date, and status  HTTP eTagsAllows caches to be more efficient

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Introducing Milestones API for the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL

You’ve requested it, so we’ve built it! Introducing Player Milestones for the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL As part of our upcoming Advanced Insights product, our new Milestones API delivers deeper context for games, teams, players and plays by highlighting significant statistical moments. Milestones

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Seasonal Basketball Enhancements

We are releasing new versions of our NBA, WNBA, G League and NCAA Basketball APIs. This release includes new data points and features that enhance the functionality across our basketball APIs. New features Seasons Feed: contains each season id, type, year, start date, end date,

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New version of Soccer API now available

We regularly make enhancements to our APIs to give our customers the most comprehensive sports data. We’ve upgraded our Soccer API to v4 ahead of the 2019-2020 season to give you access to more data and a new schema design. During our

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NFL API Seasonal Enhancements

The NFL season is almost upon us and we have been spending the offseason making enhancements to our API. In this release, you will find new game and season statistics that will allow you to dive even deeper into football

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Tennis Venue Images Now Available

We are launching a new collection of Tennis Venue Images. Sportradar now offers 4 varieties of images that can be paired with our Tennis data to increase engagement. These high-resolution images come in multiple sizes and transparent and non-transparent formats for

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Sportradar launches Lacrosse Data API

We are launching a new Lacrosse API that provides basic coverage of men’s and women’s NCAA Lacrosse (Division I). This includes schedules, results and standings. Our Lacrosse API uses a framework that consolidates data into fewer endpoints, making it easier

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Announcing new NBA Historical API

Our NBA portfolio is expanding with the addition of a new NBA Historical API. Full of comprehensive stats dating back to 1946 – this API makes for a great addition to your current NBA products. Data is provided by the NBA and

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New Cycling API Version Launched

We are excited to announce a new version of our Cycling API. Version 2 features a new Competitor Rankings Feed including the Top 50 in the elite men’s individual world rankings. Cycling v2 utilizes our new stage format that consolidates data into fewer endpoints,

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Coverage Added In Global Baseball V2

The newest version of our Global Baseball API is now available. Version 2 features new data points and leagues.  Another benefit of v2? We’ve upgraded the framework of our API and consolidated data into fewer endpoints to make it integration easier.

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