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We’ve unlocked the power of NFL data to provide insights never seen before!

The National Football League relies on Sportradar to distribute statistical data in new and innovative ways, across a variety of endpoints, including apps, social media platforms and connected devices. Contact us today and learn how we can capture audiences and deepen engagement. 

In addition, we are your exclusive source for official NFL real-time scores, player statistics and play-by-play data as well as the NFL’s proprietary Next Gen Stats. We round out our pro football portfolio with rich editorial content and a full library of player headshots and action images.

Exclusive Data


Innovative Products

Editorial and Photos

Sportradar is rewriting the digital playbook. Provide your audience something they can’t get anywhere else – unique, engaging data and graphics that will enhance your existing content. We’ll provide meaningful trends and game insights via fully customizable plug and play widgets – all powered by official NFL data.


From match-up infographics to in-depth player stats and rankings to our unique Coaches Booth game detail – Sportradar will change the way fans see their favorite teams and players.

Premium Widgets

Our core Premium Widgets provide key game information that bring color to the action on the field. Who’s winning the field position game? Which teams are feeling the impact of penalties? Who’s trying to stretch the field with deep routes?


Examples include:

  • Play-by-Play
  • Coaches Booth
  • Match-Ups
  • Penalties

Next Gen Stats Widgets

Next Gen Stats Widgets offer real-time and summary, location-based data such as speed and distance traveled, for all players, in all games. Experience the game in ways never seen before with Max Speed leaderboards and “instant replays” of key game moments.

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Game Summary

Sportradar is the exclusive distributor for official real-time scores, player statistics and play-by-play data as well as the NFL’s proprietary Next Gen Stats. Access our API developer site for complete documentation, detailed feed descriptions and live simulations.

Data Feeds :

  • GSIS (Game Statistics and Information System) – official real-time game play-by-play 
  • NGS – Next Gen Stats player tracking; instant player location and speed  

Key Advantages :

  • Fastest updates – collected at the venue 
  • Exclusive source for official data points – only provider of every player stat

radar360 is a cutting edge-intelligence tool that enables split-second access and powerful query capabilities into rich NFL data sets. radar360 is built for researchers, media outlets, teams and publishers. radar360’s insights engine allows you to access multiple data sources and run custom queries to power consumer experiences and create fresh insights and storylines.

  • Uncover unique storylines and “Did you know?” stats 
  • Create, modify and save reports 
  • Utilize pre-created “radar360 reports” 
  • Features unlimited sorting and filter capabilities 
  • Quick reference views of essential information via player and team “cards"
  • Custom views to choose your stats and isolate players from different eras

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Provide new insights and a richer understanding of the action on the field. radarPLUS data is charted and vetted by Sportradar's team of football experts comprised of former college players. Data overload can be resolved using these expert tools to understand and break-down complicated stats and figures!

In-depth Analysis

  • Thirty unique data points derived from game film and unavailable from Official data feeds. 
  • Unique game insights complement and help frame GSIS and NGS data feeds.
  • Sportradar Scouts leverage exclusive early access to NFL's All 22 game video.
  • All games available by Tuesday at 6pm each week.

Complete your NFL coverage with Sportradar’s rich editorial content and a full library of player headshots and action images. 


  • Game previews and recaps
  • Custom content (by request) 


  • General news
  • Daily team reports
  • Injuries
  • Transactions
  • Rumors 


  • Action Images and Headshots

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