5 ways Insights can upgrade your fan engagement strategy

As modern sports fans’ tastes change, businesses must change with them to stay relevant. Today, fans expect curated, personalized content, and they want it now. So, to succeed, businesses that provide sports content need to deliver on fans’ expectations while being as efficient and cost-effective as possible. These challenges are why we built Insights.

Insights is a proprietary product powered by our comprehensive sports and betting databases, allowing you to deliver real-time data intelligence to your consumers at scale, completely transforming the fan experience.

Here are five ways Insights can upgrade your fan engagement strategy:

1. Tell unique and relevant stories. There are more people creating sports content than ever before. As a result, it’s challenging to create unique content that will stand out and drive engagement.

With Insights, you will see fact-based statements in real-time, before, during, and after games, which helps tell compelling and relevant stories.

On average, you will see more than 50 statements per game, provided to you with a relevancy score so that you can quickly sort through the noise vs. what’s meaningful to you. Theses statement include things such as:

– Career milestones being reached
– Statistical leaderboard changes
– Career highs being achieved
– Betting marketing insights
– Betting splits
– Probabilities

2. Utilize sports betting content. As more states legalize sports betting, a whole new segment of the population is starting to demand sports betting content. Many businesses face a challenge with creating sports betting content because of the lack of easy-to-access betting data and stats.

Insights solves this problem by tapping into our comprehensive betting database used by the vast majority of US sportsbooks . This data includes things like how teams have done against the spread in the past, the current spread on the game, where the money is being placed, and much more.

3. Save time and money. It takes time and money to incorporate sports data into your business successfully.

Insights removes one of the most resource-intensive and time-consuming processes in covering sports: research. With Insights, the need to spend hours researching a topic is redundant as it does the research for you, providing easy-to-consume facts that you can share or use as jumping-off points for more in-depth stories. As a result, Insights will free up time, and as the saying goes, time is money.

4. Engage in real-time to inspire action from your fans. When covering sports, speed is essential. The sooner you can report, tweet, or speak about an event, the more fans will join your conversation. Insights, makes it easy to find events that can entice action by tracking leaderboards, career milestones, and career highs in real-time.
As a result, Insights allows you to consistently drive fan engagement by delivering push notifications about noteworthy events that are about to happen, tune-in updates , social posts, or compelling content to discuss during a broadcast.

5. Keep fans engaged longer. After encouraging fans to act, it’s essential to keep them engaged. Insights can help power ongoing engagement in multiple ways, including:

  • Gamification programs such as free-to-play prediction games, loyalty programs, and much more.
  • Providing context around what fans are witnessing. People like to be part of unique and memorable moments, so give them the stories behind the play and make them want to stick around.

Learn more about Insights here, or contact our product experts to start reaping the benefits today.