10 Conventional and Unconventional NBA Milestones to look out for this Season

With the 2020/21 NBA season tipping off on December 22nd, we look at the year ahead using our Radar360 and Insights tools to pull out some key statistical milestones, some more unfamiliar than others, that are likely to happen.

Conventional Milestones:

1. Carmelo Anthony should become a top ten all-time scorer this year. He currently has 26,466 career points, only 867 points away from making it into the top ten. Carmelo only needs to average 12.1 points per game to achieve the target if he were to play all 72 regular-season games. Before this season his lowest points per game average is 13.4.

2. Steph Curry, who has 2,495 made three-pointers in his career, should move past Reggie Miller and into second place on the all-time 3 points made list. Currently, he is only 66 made three-pointers away. If Curry keeps up his current career average of 3.6 three-pointers made per game he should surpass Reggie Miller 19 games into the season.

3. Dwight Howard, who currently has 9,848 defensive rebounds, should move into 5th on the all-time leaderboard for defensive rebounds this season. In order do to this he will need to average 2.4 defensive rebounds a game if he were to play all 72 regular-season games. His career-low season average for defensive rebounds per game is 4.9 defensive rebounds.

4. Chris Paul, who has 2,233 career steals, is 77 steals away from moving into 5th all-time in career leaders in steals. Chris would need to average 1.07 steals per game if he were to play in all 72 regular-season games. His career season-low is an average of 1.59 steals per game.

5. James Harden, who has 6,394 three-point attempts, is 92 attempts away from moving into 2nd in all-time three-point attempts. If James Harden was to continue at his career average pace of 7.7 three-point attempts a game he will move into 2nd place 12 games into the year.

Unconventional Milestones

1. DeMarcus Cousins is on pace to become the all-time leader in disqualifications (foul outs or ejections) since 1996-97, which is currently held by Kurt Thomas with 70.* Cousins is currently 6 disqualifications away from the lead. Based on his career average he should move into the number 1 spot after playing in 53 games.

2. Russell Westbrook is only 7 fast-break points away from 2nd place which is currently held by Allen Iverson with 4,721 fast break-points.* LeBron James is currently in 1st place with 6,777 fast-break points.

3. LeBron James is currently 100 turnovers away from becoming the all-time leader in turnovers which is currently held by Karl Malone with 4,524 turnovers.*** At LeBron’s current career per game average of 3.5 turnovers per game he should set the record after 29 games this year.

4. Steph Curry is on pace this year to strengthen the argument that he is the greatest Warriors player of all-time.

  • He is currently 1,365 points away from overtaking Wilt Chamberlain (17,783 total points) as the all-time points leader, he only needs to average more than 19.0 points a game over 72 games to take over that spot.
  • If Steph Curry holds his career average of 6.6 assists a game, he will become the Warriors’ all-time assist leader after 36 games this year with 4,856 assists.
  • Steph Curry is already the Warriors’ all-time leader for 3-point made 2,495 and 3-point attempts with 5,739.

5. LeBron James is only 104 points away from Kobe Bryant, who has 8,207 career fourth-quarter points, as the all-time regular season leading 4th quarter scorer.* Currently LeBron averages 7.1 points per game in the 4th quarter meaning if his average stays the same he will become the leader after 15 games played this year.

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* Data only goes back to 1996-97
** Data only goes back to 1982-83
*** Data goes back to 1977-78