Sportradar’s Intelligence & Investigation Services launches full suite of products for U.S. customers

NEW YORK, NY – Sportradar’s Intelligence & Investigation Services (I&I), a global team that operates within Sportradar’s Integrity Services division, today announced that it has launched a comprehensive suite of products and services for U.S. customers, including its best-in-class due diligence services.

Sportradar’s I&I provides due diligence support to a variety of customers and situations, including:

  • Sports leagues and teams with corporate sponsor background checks, as well as pre-draft, pre-trade, or key personnel acquisition intelligence
  • Private investors in sports technology properties to help them better understand the founders and management teams they invest in
  • University athletic departments to protect their interests, brands, and reputations, and those of affiliated personnel, including their student-athletes and sponsors
  • Athletes and agents by identifying potential sources of reputational risk

Through a combination of unique data, in-house proprietary tools, and decades of global intelligence collection and investigations experience, Sportradar’s I&I will continue assisting U.S. partners in uncovering insightful information on individuals and organizations in a timely, discreet and thorough manner. Some examples of this information include conflicts of interest, fraud-based criminal links and significant organization vulnerabilities.

“Sportradar’s I&I team delivers cutting-edge products and services that have the ability to reveal potential risks to sports properties, their personnel, and adjacent private businesses,” said Donald Dotson, Director of Business Development, Intelligence & Investigation Services, Sportradar. “After many years of success with some of the biggest names in sports – including UEFA and the IOC – we are maximizing our global experience to offer our full suite of sophisticated I&I products and services to our U.S. partners. Doing this will arm our U.S. partners with a competitive advantage when making the most consequential decisions.”

Sportradar’s I&I team, a leader in providing intelligence and investigation solutions to sporting federations, law enforcement, government agencies, clubs, and anti-doping organizations, assists more than 80 partners around the globe. The team identifies and examines integrity threats to countries, sports, and businesses, and provides a robust due diligence service to counter any real or perceived threats.