Five NFL stats to feast on this Thanksgiving

One of the Thanksgiving traditions that we look forward to each year is the full day of football.

To get you ready for this year’s games, Radar360 is bringing you five Thanksgiving football stats to feast on with family and friends.

1. Since 2015 the Detroit Lions have covered the spread on Thanksgiving 60% of the time compared to the Dallas Cowboys who have covered the spread on Thanksgiving only 20% of the time during the same time period.

2. Both the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys see improvements in winning percentage on Thanksgiving compared to all-time winning percentage during the regular season.

Team All-Time Winning % Thanksgiving Game Winning %
Dallas .569 .608
Detroit .456 .474

3. Since 2015 the favorite has a 13-2 record for all Thanksgiving games.

4. The Dallas Cowboys take on The Washington Football Team this Thanksgiving. The Cowboys have played The Washington Football Team 9 times on Thanksgiving and beat them 8 of those times by an average difference of 7.89 points.

5. Matthew Stafford leads all active players with the most touchdowns thrown on Thanksgiving with 17. The next closest is Tom Brady with 7.

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