Sportradar launches Insights to drive engagement and fan behavior for sports media companies

Proprietary Product Enables the Delivery of Personalized, Real-Time Data Intelligence to Consumers at Scale

NEW YORK, NY — Sportradar, the global provider of sports betting and sports entertainment product and services, today announced the launch of Insights, a proprietary product, built on top of Sportradar’s industry-leading sports database, that allows media companies to deliver real-time data intelligence to consumers at scale, completely transforming the fan experience.

Insights was born out of a desire to bolster real-time fan engagement for sports media companies, a major undertaking that requires the proper data infrastructure and predictive analytics capabilities. Featuring the most user-friendly interface on the market, Insights incorporates multiple Sportradar data sources including real-time, historical, and betting data feeds to provide media companies with unrivaled data intelligence before, during, and after games. Instantly combing through multiple data sets, Insights produces dynamic context to a game with timely data on team and player milestones, changing of league and statistical leaderboards, game betting splits, game market insights, and more.

“Engaging the modern sports fan and driving fan behavior requires media companies to make meaning out of raw data in real-time – something we call data intelligence,” said Dave Abbott, MD US Media, Sportradar. “Insights was purpose-built to address this reality by enabling sports media companies to reach fans at scale with the curated, personalized content they crave, at the moments that matter most.”

Sportradar’s never-ending flow of data intelligence created by Insights empowers media companies to drive tune-in, facilitate gamification, increase sales opportunities, and engage audiences by helping broadcasters, journalists, and social media teams tell deeper, richer stories in real-time. For example, Sportradar customers now have the power to automatically alert their consumers when a player is about to break the all-time scoring record, driving them to tune-in for the momentous occasion.

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