Three Unique ways to engage with your baseball audience

Include MLB Statcast data in your coverage. 

Now is more important than ever to maximize your baseball engagements with customers. Here are three unique ways to engage with your baseball audience that can be easily implemented. 

What MLB Statcast is: MLB Statcast is MLB’s player tracking dataset – widely considered the crown jewel of player tracking data in the US. This dataset includes information like pitch speed, type of pitch, pitch location, pitch spin-rate, exit velocity, launch angle, players’ top speed, route distance, and much more.

How this benefits you: According to the MLB Site Analytics team, content on and other MLB-owned entities that includes Statcast data has generated 155% more engagement in articles and 284% more engagement in video clips. On top of that, articles featuring Statcast also result in an increase in time spent – more than double the minutes/view vs articles not featuring Statcast data. This data proves that fans and customers are craving unique data sets that MLB Statcast can provide.

Getting access to MLB Statcast dataSportradar is the Official Data Partner of Major League Baseball and provider of Statcast Powered by Google Cloud. Click the following links to learn more about our Statcast APIs or contact our team to learn more. 

Alert your customers when a major event will or has happened via Sportradar’s Insights.

What is Insights: Insights delivers, at scale, automated insights to your customers via raw data and text. These insights enable you to provide more engaging experiences to sports fans across any platform. These automated insights include: Player MilestonesPlayer HighsBetting Insights, and Betting Splits.

How this benefits you: Quickly and automatically focus your customers’ attention on why a game is compelling via Insights and get them to interact with your product accordingly. This will result in more engagement and a higher ROI. 

Getting access to Insights: To get access to Insights, contact our team to learn more.

Visually display your data

How you can visually display your data: There are multiple ways that Sportradar can help you display your data. This includes Broadcast Graphics and Sports Page Solutions. As the Official Data Partner of Major League Baseball, Sportradar powers all of these visual displays with the best and fastest data available on the market. 

How this benefits you: The human brain processes an image 60,000x faster than text. As consumers continue to be bombarded with content, it is important to provide them with information that can be quickly consumed. A visual display is your best bet.

Getting access: Click here to learn more about Broadcast Graphics and Sports Page Solutions or contact our team to learn more.