Five innovative ways to cover the NBA

Stand out from your competition with these five innovative ways to cover the NBA.

  1. Data is king! Actually, quick and accurate data is king, as it powers all types of engagement with fans. Sportradar is the official data provider for the NBA, which means our customers get the fastest and most accurate data delivered to them. Click here to find out more about our NBA data sets!
  2. Alert your customers when history is about to happen or has happened. Fans love to be a part of historical moments. Sportradar’s Player Milestones and Player Highs allows you to quickly and easily alert your customers when a player is about to set or has set a team or league record, career high, and much more. Click here to learn more about Player Insight – Milestones and Player Insight – Player Highs.
  3. Incorporate betting data. As sports betting continues to expand in the US and more people are looking to bet, a recent survey showed that 79% of sports fans would consider placing a bet via an app or website, and 51% of sports fans would consider placing a bet in a betting shop or casino[1]. As such, betting needs to be incorporated in your coverage. Quickly and easily incorporate real-time betting data such as Betting Market Insights, which include historical insights around spread, moneyline, and over/under markets and Betting Splits Insights, which include how people are betting on a particular game against the spread, moneyline, and over-under markets.
  4. Create content that includes unique data points. Fans are thirsty for content that is different and loaded with data. Radar360 is Sportradar’s industry-leading research and analytics platform that is used to quickly create unique broadcast and editorial content.
  5. Create and share data visually. Human brains process an image 60,000x faster than text[2]. Sportradar’s Sports Page Solutions allow your customers to digest data quickly in a visual format. Sports Page Solutions are easy to implement, great looking, and out-of-the-box widgets that help you tell stories to your customers.

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