Statcast Leaders and Seasonal Metrics Available in MLB API

We are releasing a new version of our MLB API that includes a first look at Statcast data available from our recent partnership with Major League Baseball. MLB version 6.6 also includes new data feeds, data points and features that enhance the functionality of our MLB data feeds.

New features

  • Statcast Leaderboards: Leaderboards showing the top 50 players in notable Statcast metrics including both maximum and seasonal averages when applicable
  • Seasonal Statcast Metrics: Player profile feed now contains seasonal metrics including maximum, minimum, average and number of occurrences for key statcast performance metrics
  • Enhanced Summary Feed: Seasonal statistics and game statistics added in one feed to significantly reduce the load 
  • Seasons Feed: contains each season id, type, year, start date, end date, and status 
  • Conference/Division Ranks: updated rankings after each game ends 
  • Transaction Types/Codes: consistent transaction details for player movement

For more detailed information on MLB v6.6, including Statistic Summary, Documentation, Change Log and FAQ, visit our Developer Portal page.

For questions regarding pricing or integration, please contact us today.

Sportradar Versioning Strategy

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