Seasonal Basketball Enhancements

We are releasing new versions of our NBA, WNBA, G League and NCAA Basketball APIs. This release includes new data points and features that enhance the functionality across our basketball APIs.

New features

  • Seasons Feed: contains each season id, type, year, start date, end date, and status (NBA, WNBA, G League, NCAA Men’s and Women’s)
  • HTTP eTagsallows caches to be more efficient and saves bandwidth (NBA, WNBA, G League, NCAA Men’s and Women’s)
  • Conference/Division Ranksupdated rankings after each game ends (NBA, G League)
  • Tenths of Secondgame and event clocks will display tenths of a second for events below one minute of the period (NBA, WNBA, G League)
  • Transaction Types/Codesconsistent transaction details for player movement (NBA, WNBA, G League)
  • Player Rookie Season & High SchoolAvailable for NBA
  • Play-By-Play enhancementswall clock, sequence, and home/away score (WNBA)
  • Region Ranksdetermines bracket structure/placement (NCAA Men’s and Women’s)

Review individual API Documentation, Stat Summary, Change Log and FAQ via the following links:
NBA v7
NBA G League v7
NCAA Mens Basketball v7
NCAA Womens Basketball v7

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