Introducing Milestones API for the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL

You’ve requested it, so we’ve built it!

Introducing Player Milestones for the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL

As part of our upcoming Advanced Insights product, our new Milestones API delivers deeper context for games, teams, players and plays by highlighting significant statistical moments.

Milestones API features the following:

Numerous “Round Number Milestones”

For each statistical category, we output a set of round number thresholds.

For example:
A player reaching 50, 75, 100, etc. RBI on a season, or a quarterback throwing for 100, 200, 300, etc. touchdowns in their career.

Franchise & League Leaderboards

In addition to round number milestone insights, we also output franchise & league leaderboard messages.

For example:
Aaron Judge becoming 10th on the Yankees single season runs list, or Steph Curry becoming 1st on the NBA all-time 3PA list.

Multiple Trigger Types

Messages get created when a player is 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 game away from reaching a milestone. Messages also get created when a player is one of that stat category away, when they reach a milestone, and when they tie and pass a leaderboard.

Data & Text Outputs

In addition to raw data, text output is also available.

Different Season Types

Messages are created for both the regular season & playoffs/postseason, as well as preseason for NFL.

Messages are also for single season/postseasons as well as career season/postseason.


API payloads contain information such as star status, and what tier a player which allows for insight filtering. (Tiers are between 1 and 5)


The projection endpoint predicts when a milestone might happen which allows for proactive planning.


Milestones work directly with Sportradar’s existing game, team, and player IDs for easy access and integration

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