Announcing new NBA Historical API

Our NBA portfolio is expanding with the addition of a new NBA Historical API. Full of comprehensive stats dating back to 1946 – this API makes for a great addition to your current NBA products. Data is provided by the NBA and validated by our in-house team of experts. It’s official, and it’s accurate.

NBA Historical API features the following endpoints:

  • Seasons: List of seasons including season ids and season start date and end date
  • Season Summaries: Player and team box score statistics back to the 1946/47 season
  • Player Season Statistics: Seasonal box score and advanced statistics for all players who played during a particular season
  • Team Seasonal Statistics: Seasonal box score and advanced statistics for all active teams for a particular season
  • Standings: Includes team ranking, win/loss record, points for/against, and streaks
  • Team Profiles: List of players who were on a team during a particular season
  • Season Mapping, Player Mapping, and Team Mappings: Mappings between US ID and Global ID for seasons, players, and teams

In addition to the API, we also provide access to an NBA Historical data export via csv and xls formats. 

For more information regarding this API, visit our API Dev Portal where you’ll find a summary of statistics, documentation and a change log. 

Contact Sportradar today for further questions regarding pricing and integration.