Snooker API Version 2

We are excited to announce a new version of our Snooker API. Version 2 includes pot-by-pot coverage with data provided through Sportradar’s partnership with World Snooker for all major tournaments.  Snooker v2 utilizes a new API framework that consolidates data into fewer endpoints. Making it easier for you to integrate Sportradar’s data into your product.

Our Snooker API includes the following features:

  • Pot-by-pot timeline
  • Live scores where available (non-live scores where live coverage is not present)
  • Win probabilities for each match
  • Basic player profile details
  • Fixtures and results by day, live, or competition end
  • Basic competition information
  • Match details (format, context and competitor information)
  • Historical results
  • Standings (where available)
  • Key terms translated into 40+ languages

Visit our developer page for a deeper look at what’s included in this API.

Seamless Integration of Sportradar APIs
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Sportradar Versioning Strategy

 With the release of a new version, please check out the Sportradar Versioning Strategy to make sure you are using the most feature-rich versions of our APIs.

Reach out to us today with any integration or pricing questions.