NFL Draft coverage added to NFL Official API

Deliver real-time picks and trade updates to sports fans everywhere with our newly added NFL Draft coverage.

The following endpoints are now available in the NFL Official API: 

Draft Summary
Pre-draft pick order with real-time (push enabled) pick selections during the draft.

Prospects and Top Prospects
Upcoming draft prospects including their college player ID as well as team, conference, and division IDs. College player IDs enable customers to link back to college profiles and statistics.

Team Trades
Details of all the in-draft trades (push enabled)

Team Draft Summary
A summary of pick selections for a given team

To help with integration, samples of the 2018 NFL Draft are included on the NFL Official API documentation page.

Seamless Integration of Sportradar APIs
Sportradar’s Image and Content APIs can help you enhance your NFL Draft coverage with photos and editorial news.
Our APIs offer easy to implement feeds, modern infrastructure and super-fast delivery. Utilize Sportradar IDs for integration across our data, image and content APIs. 
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