Sportradar launches next-level OTT solution at Sportel Monaco

October 22, 2018

Sportradar, the world’s leading provider of sports data, betting, media and entertainment solutions, has today announced the launch of their next-level Sportradar OTT at this year’s Sportel Monaco, featuring a newly developed engine and core that seamlessly connects Sportradar’s range of sports data with video capability.

For over 15 years, Sportradar have provided a dedicated sports video platform that enables sports rights holders to create a global OTT offering and generate substantial digital revenues. More than 25 partners have signed up to Sportradar’s sports media solutions within the last 18 months, complementing their existing OTT partners including Borussia Dortmund, the WRC, Deutsche Telekom,, ITF Davis Cup and Fed Cup, ITTF, EuroHockey and the IMMAF.

A key part of their sports media offering, the latest OTT features fully integrated data and video, providing clients with an even greater and more refined ability to enhance the user experience, create content, engage with fans, increase audiences and therefore generate more revenue.

Managing Director OTT at Sportradar, Rainer Geier, said: “Having data and video together is crucial if you want to supply an OTT solution in this technological day and age.

“With over 15 years of global AV and sports data experience, we have already developed the industry’s leading media ecosystem. This has enabled us build on our truly dynamic and trusted end-to-end OTT solution with a stable technical basis for clients to manage multiple channels, control video strategy, maximise digital platforms, leverage local and global marketing, provide enriching customer data, increase rights value and therefore generate new revenue streams.

“Video is still the most important distribution channel and content is king, so offering more engagement options through one trusted, innovative and flexible solution will help our clients meet the demands of the modern-day sports fan who want seamless accessibility, engagement and gamification, personalization and a stable user experience.”

Sportradar’s OTT incorporates all aspects required to create a complete and bespoke OTT solution using state-of-the-art technology to produce a holistic platform approach based on a flexible product and business model that can add to the streaming and engagement experience with ability to incorporate all Sportradar’s products.

Clients can also utilise Sportradar’s additional services and knowledge to support the ongoing success of their streaming platform with production, content creation, platform success management and monetisation opportunities.

All new clients will be able integrate the latest OTT, while current clients, which already include a range of sports federations, leagues, clubs, broadcasters and media across the world, will switch over to the new solution. Like all of Sportradar’s products and solutions, they will have a choice of trusted, innovative and flexible options, with OTT core, extensions, customisable and third-party add-ons.

The new Sportradar OTT core incorporates innovative features for content management, video player, user management, platform, analytics, content delivery and monetisation.

The range of individual configurable extensions include mobile and smart TV apps, recommendations, data features, automated content, personalisation and DRM.

The full package offers the opportunity for complete individualisation, allowing clients to further customise their platform using a fully bespoke solution with extra features, personalised design and SSO.

They can also choose to include third party integration, with CRM, data, analytics and PSP.