Utilizing X/Y Coordinates with MLB API v6


The newest version of our MLB API came with great new features and added functionality.

One of our favorite additions is the ability to pinpoint pitches with X/Y coordinates. When combined with our pitch type and velocity data, you are able to provide deep insights about pitcher’s arsenal and their ability to get hitters to chase pitches outside of the strike zone. The data also provides the ability to track hitter performance against specific pitches and locations to reveal how well they can command the strike zone. Finally, this data also opens up new depths for analyzing catcher and umpire performance.

Here are a few use cases using X/Y pitch coordinates.

Batting Average By Zone


Combining x/y coordinates and the strike zone allows one to generate a more complete picture of a batter’s performance. This illustration reveals both where in the strike zone a hitter is ‘hot’ and where opposing pitchers are locating the ball against them.

Pitching Heat Map


Visualize a pitcher’s performance across an at-bat, in a game, a series, by month, or for the entire season. These illustrations display where a pitcher is locating their fastball, their strategies against particular hitters as well as countless other insights.

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