MLB Data Feed Enhancements


Sportradar is deeply committed to providing you the very best Major League Baseball data and content coverage. Take advantage of three new enhancements to our MLB API this season!

The Ponle Acento Initiative (v5 and v6)

In an effort to accommodate Major League Baseball’s Ponle Acento initiative, Sportradar will be adding Spanish accent marks to player names beginning on March 30th. This initiative was started by Robinson Cano last year in an effort to recognize the influence of the game’s Latino athletes.
This change will affect all feeds where players’ names appear. For example, Robinson Cano will now be Robinson Canó and Felix Hernandez will now be Félix Hernández. This change will only be present for players that have specifically submitted this request.
This is the first time our feeds will utilize more than the full 26 letter alphabet. While it still adheres to the UTF-8 encoding specified by the feed, we want to ensure that you are able to handle the additional accent characters in your processing and display of the data coming from our feeds.

New Intentional Walk Rule (v5 and v6)

MLB recently released rule changes around the execution of intentional walks. Managers can now elect to walk a batter intentionally without any pitches being thrown. We are adding two possible outcome events to account for this: the automatic intentional walk and an enforced ball. Information around the added outcomes is updated in the FAQ of our documentation.

Post-season Series Statistics Feed (v6 only)

We are adding a new series statistics feed for the 2017 post-season. Take advantage of player and team statistics for each playoff series. This feed will add consistency in the handling of playoff series between our baseball, basketball and hockey products. Documentation updates will be forthcoming and appear sometime early in the 2017 regular season.

Explore Sportradar’s MLB v6 API Documentation for more insight or contact us with questions.

For the most recent information on all Sportradar APIs, be sure to visit our Change Log.