Spring Training is here and Sportradar is ready with the best Major League Baseball coverage for your business!

We have made significant improvements to our MLB data API for the 2017 season. Take advantage of additional stats, improved play-by-play, more league leaders categories and deeper standings to enable greater statistical insights.

Sportradar’s new MLB v6 API takes on our consistent look and feel, while offering the following features:

  • New stats such as additional Pickoffs for pitchers and hitters, Cycles for hitters and Fielder’s Choice and Reached on Error tracked for pitchers and hitters.
  • Additional Pitching Splits such as Team Record for a starting pitcher and Last Three Starts that allow you to surface a pitcher’s most recent form.
  • Starter/Bullpen Pitching Breakdowns. Sportradar now breaks down all pitching stats and splits by starters and bullpens so you can compare performance of starters and bullpens across the league.
  • Improve play-by-play feeds with greater detail of Lineup Changes, XY for Pitch Location and Error types.
  • New Leaderboards for Doubles, Triples, Runs Scored, Pitching Record and WHIP.
  • More detailed standings including Division Records across each league.

Learn more about MLB v6 by exploring our API Documentation.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any aspect of MLB v6. You can also visit our Change Log for the most recent information on all Sportradar APIs.