Radar360: Week 15 Disruptors


*All data within Sportradar’s weekly Disruptors series was compiled by utilizing our sports intelligence tool, radar360. The tool allows us to easily compile reports that combine traditional stats like sacks with subjective stats like knock downs and hurries to produce a total pressures metric. This metric allows us to provide analysis on which players and teams are the most disruptive each week.

Two players had more than 5 pressures in Week 15 and both are veterans to the Disruptor leaderboard. Geno Atkins provided pressure up the middle with a total of 8 quarterback hurries and 10 total pressures, while Khalil Mack was a thorn in Phillip Rivers’ side with 7 total pressures from the edge.

While Aaron Donald and the Eagles’ Brandon Graham were the most disruptive players for the first half of the 2016 season, the second half has been dominated by the Giants’ free agent pickup Olivier Vernon with 30 total pressures since Week 9. Following Vernon is Geno Atkins (28), Khalil Mack (27), and Cameron Wake(25).

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