Radar360: Week 13 Disruptors

*All data within Sportradar’s weekly Disruptors series was compiled by utilizing our sports intelligence tool, radar360. The tool allows us to easily compile reports that combine traditional stats like sacks with subjective stats like knock downs and hurries to produce a total pressures metric. This metric allows us to provide analysis on which players and teams are the most disruptive each week.

Offensive lines across the league held up pretty well to defensive pressure in Week 13. Leonard Williams was the only player to register over 5 total pressures and the Carolina Panthers were the only team to register over 20 total pressures as a team. What’s even more amazing is that 6 teams had less than 5 total pressures with the Falcons and 49ers only pressuring the QB 2 times in their contests.

For the season, the Miami Dolphins are the overwhelming league leader in pressures. Cameron Wake, Ndamukong Suh and Andre Branch all rank within the NFL’s top 50 disruptors.

Players with 5 or More Disruptions in Week 13

Top 10 Disruptors for the 2016 Season


Top 5 Rookie Disruptors


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