Radar360: Week 11 Disruptors


*All data within Sportradar’s weekly Disruptors series was compiled by utilizing our sports intelligence tool, radar360.

OLB Derrick Morgan of the Tennessee Titans broke out in Week 11 against the Colts with 10 overall QB disruptions, including 1.5 Sacks. And while the Titans didn’t win the game, they did end up tying the Steelers for the weekly lead in disruptions with 25.

Week 11 also saw a return-to-form for Lion’s Ezekiel Ansah as he caused 8 disruptions vs the Jaguars left-tackle Kelvin Beachum. Ansah didn’t register a sack in the game, but he was able to hurry Blake Bortles four times and knock him down another four times.

Players that had over 5 disruptions are ranked below with three Vikings making the list.

Players with 5 or More Disruptions in Week 11



Top 10 Disruptors for the 2016 season.

After week 11, the top three rankings remain the same. Cracking the Top 10 for first time is Olivier Vernon and Everson Griffen. Newly added this week are Total Pressure totals for both rookie defensive players and the Top 20 teams.











Top Rookie Disruptors


Total Pressures By Team