New Product Offering: Version 3 Soccer API


As part of our never-ending quest to provide the very best sports data, Sportradar is pleased to announce that we have dramatically enhanced our global football (soccer) coverage with Version 3 Soccer API.

Sportradar’s new Version 3 Soccer API takes on our consistent look and feel, while offering the following new features:

  • Fun facts – interesting facts based on statistical information about each match and competing teams such as “Chelsea FC is undefeated this season when playing at home and taking the lead 1-0.”
  • Live standings – real-time updates (as opposed to overnight updates)
  • Translations for over 45 languages
  • Lineups for top leagues
  • Probabilities for each match
  • Play-by-play timelines – timeline of key events for every match
  • .xml or .json format

Take advantage of more than one million historical matches in our API, including 150,000 matches per year. The new API contains five packages covering Europe top leagues, International, Americas, Asia and nearly 600 global tournaments.

To explore Sportradar’s Soccer API V3 and get a free trial, click here:

Please contact us today if you have any questions about the Version 3 Soccer API or any other sport API.