Donald Sterling will let wife sell Clippers

Clippers owner Donald Sterling and wife Shelly Sterling. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was banned for life from the NBA after audio recording of him making racist statements became public, will allow his wife Shelly to negotiate the sale of the team, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The NBA Board of Governors is expected to vote on June 3 on whether to force the sale of the team. Three-quarters of the league’s owners must vote in favor of the sale, with NBA commissioner Adam Silver previously stating he believes he has the votes to make it happen.

Sterling had vowed not to sell the team, although it appears he has changed his mind given the actions the league is willing to take.

Shelly and Donald Sterling are still legally married, although they are estranged, which briefly led to speculation that she would be able to keep her ownership stake in the team. However, it has become clear that the league wants both of them to divest their interests in the team, and Shelly appears to be the likely Sterling to facilitate a deal.