Infographic: College football conference champs

by Patrick Donnelly
With another bowl season upon us, every college football fan is looking for some kind of an angle in their office pool or wants to drop some knowledge and impress their buddies while they’re watching the games. So we decided to take a deeper dive into the records of the 11 FBS conferences to see which schools have won the most conference championships since the 2000 season, and further, which conference’s champions have done the best in their bowl games?

One note on our methodology – some of the conferences don’t have championship games, or have added them since 2000. Thus, in some years some conferences had co-champions, which we counted as a full championship for each team. That’s why, say, the Big East has 21 champions in this time span (9-12 in bowls), while the Big 12 has just 12 (5-7 in their bowls).

In this age of constant conference realignment, some schools have won titles in multiple conferences. The kings of this realm would have to be the TCU Horned Frogs, who have won six titles in three conferences since 2000. Louisville matches that with six titles in two different conferences – the Big East and Conference USA – while Boise State has nine titles, eight in the WAC and one in the Mountain West. The Broncos can further expand their horizons with a championship when they enter the Big East next year.

Every college football fan knows the SEC is the best conference in the country these days, but if you want the stats to back it up, check it out. The SEC’s champions have won nine of 12 bowl games since 2000, and seven national championships (with Alabama gunning for No. 8 this year).

On the other end of the spectrum, the ACC champions have not fared quite as well, going 1-11 in their bowl games since 2000. Florida State has won conference titles in that span and is 0-4 when playing as ACC champion in a bowl. The Seminoles are hoping to get one in the W column when they face Northern Illinois in the Orange Bowl.


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