From draft pick to Super Bowl-winning QB

(SportsData) –– In the Super Bowl’s 45-year history, 29 quarterbacks have won the big game. Given that 2011 has been called the Year of the Quarterback, we took a look at each winning quarterback’s draft history.

The draft history of Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks reveals an extremely top-heavy distribution curve. You’d probably expect that many or most of these quarterbacks were first-round picks, but it might surprise you to learn that eight of the 29 Super Bowl winners were the first overall pick in their respective drafts, and those eight QBs have combined to win 15 Super Bowls, or 33 percent of all Lombardi Trophies.

Other statistics of note:

  • 16 of the 29 Super Bowl-winning QBs were first-round picks
  • Those 16 first-round picks have combined to win 25 Super Bowls; e.g. 56 percent of all Super Bowls have been won by first-round picks
  • Significant outliers
    • Kurt Warner (only undrafted QB to win the big one)
    • Brad Johnson (lowest pick at No. 227)
    • Bart Starr (200) and Tom Brady (199) combined for five victories (so far)
    • This year’s contenders

One first-rounder (Eli Manning – 1) and one outlier (Tom Brady – 199)


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