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Sportradar is the leading provider of sports data and information globally. From start-ups to enterprise leaders, Sportradar is more than a content provider. We are a strategic business partner with a mission to leverage our data in new ways that engage sports fans.

See for yourself how easy it is to build great things with our data by registering for a 90-day trial, or reach out to our implementation team with any questions.

Comprehensive Coverage

Annual Events

With a focus on technology and development, Sportradar offers:

  • High-Quality Data Distribution
  • Comprehensive, Global Sports Coverage Including eSports
  • The Industry Standard in Accuracy
  • Seamless Integration with Easy to Implement Feeds and Fast Delivery
  • Five Star Customer Support Available 24/7/365
  • Offical League Partnerships with the NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and More

The Benefits of our Developer Portal

API Documentation and Maps

Featuring API feed descriptions and FAQs along with top down illustrations on how to access our APIs. 

API Sandbox

Our sandbox environment enables users to easily test, interact, and debug live calls of our Sportradar API.

Easily determine the data package that best fits your needs with our transparent pricing options.

Code Examples

Real-world code examples for each endpoint are provided in cURL, Ruby and Python.

Learn why our API solutions are the right choice for you!

When you register for an account, you can get free and immediate trial access to our APIs. Our API trials provide limited call trial keys so you can access our sports data and plan your integration without spending a dime.

Leaders that rely on Sportradar

From startups to global Fortune 500 companies to professional leagues

Ready to get started?

Sportradar offers a free 90 day trial for new users. Register today with a Mashery account and start building! Or if you have specific sales questions, you can call us at: 612-361-4102


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